Apr 25, 2008

Well, Random Thoughts. Perfect for caffeine driven brain.

First thought that I have been pondering for some time: Every decision is political.

It covers a lot of territory. But by affirming the connectedness of all of us, and being aware of the ripples or our decisions helps to create a mindset. It gets a bit like the butterfly flapping wings in Brazil and the resulting tornado in Kansas. The butterfly’s nature will not change but by being aware it might just adust the wing flap a different way.

Like my Mom always repeated, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”
We try to be aware. Sometimes we learn many years later what our decisions helped to cause or prevent.

So “plastic or paper?”. Who knows? We can invest time and resources trying to figure it all our. Or we can just go with our gut. If our gut is tuned to our real souls regarding justice and ethics we should be able to sleep at night. We should be able to enjoy our nature and adjust our wing flaps just a bit.

In coffee, exploitation takes many forms. The decision of what we buy and from whom we buy it is huge. I do rely on my gut. Do I like the persons involved?
Do they seem just?

But number one overall is: Is the coffee spectacular? There is a growing correlation between sustainability and coffee quality. Well run estates and farms concerned with all aspects of coffee create better coffee and better lives for all.