Aug 08, 2011

 I am enjoying a nicely brewed cup of Mocha/Java (real Yemen or Java?  Doubtful) at a little independent coffee shop.  Brewed to ratio and fresh enough to enjoy.  It seems the specialty coffee industry is continually reinventing the brewing process.  A lot of action for questionable brews.  I do love the brew stations and Melitta brewers for introducing different coffees.  But it does get a little crazy sometimes.  Most folks are just looking for a solid cup of fresh roasted fresh brewed coffee.

Success will come to the little guy who can provide a solid cup to the ever expanding market.  The market has higher expectations as to quality.  But it is only a tiny fraction of folks who want to watch for minutes to get a coffee.  U-3's and other types of urn brewers do a fantastic job of brewing coffee, but only if the ratio is correct (60g coffee per liter of H2O) and it is fresh.  Half an hour.  That is it.  So the good independent coffee shop will size its brewer correctly.   Melittas are great for the afternoon odd cup.