Jun 05, 2008

Well. What a week. Cupping with 23 jury members from around the world.
It is amazing to discover the significant differences in expectations.
The folks from Asia abhor acidity. Velvet smoothness is the number one attribute in their opinion.

But the Europeans love sweet, cherry acidity. Lemons, oranges citrus is what they dig.

I tend to go with the round attributes. Body, character and acidity all dancing together.

The COE is a wonderful way to determine the best of origins.

Check out www.cupofexcellence.org. The program brings cuppers to the origin to distinguish excellent coffees. Years of juries, and internet auctions has produced great coffees and wonderful prices. Farmers at the top of their craft get a nice return for their products. Truly fair trade.

Honduran coffee farmers have shown that continual improvement in crop management will bring huge rewards.

The Honduras name is rising to the top in the coffee world.