Jul 19, 2009

Amazing stuff. Tom has really created a huge spirit for all of us Boomers.

Many of us coffee folks have had conversations over the years regarding the loss of physical ability as we grow wise. Smell and taste are the core of our industry. Cupping and evaluating coffees are central to our growth. But the small losses are more than made up by the ongoing experiences.

Just like Tom we know the bumps and the higglies. We know classic coffees. We know the ins and outs of roasting. The subtle developments. The clever ways to attempt to get the perfect cup. Our cupping memories are called upon. Kenyas are compared to the great Kenyas of the past. Sumatras are judged for wonderful body. Naturals are revered for wonderul dark fruit and hints of courageous character.

Classic brewings styles are enjoyed not because they are the current fad but because they get to the perfect cup a different way.

Like a bump and run or a flop shot or chip….If it goes in the hole it is perfect.

And we all are chasing the perfect cup.