Jun 09, 2009

So what to do.

The increase in costs to small roaster from Trans Fair has really got me looking for another way to support the sustainability of the coffee chain.

I rarely roast and sell Fair Trade coffees. They do not really appeal to me on the cupping table. It is difficult to sell guilt, and a sticker.

So now what.
I have a few customers who really want the sticker.

After checking out Rainforest Alliance at the SCAA show in Atlanta I have found my partner.

Rainforest is inclusive. The focus is on all aspects of the coffee business. The focus is on sustainability. Traceability, administration, and defense of the seal’s integrity are all there.
I feel confident that Rainforest Alliance will provide more positive growth for sustainability through out the entire coffee chain.

Look for the little green froggie.

Please go to www.rainforest-alliance.org for more information.